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Tidy Bingo Celebrates Halloween

7pm – 8pm Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween is the first of the party chat games to play, the Halloween numbers are 10 and 31 to all you have to do is choose a treat number. When all three numbers are called, type ‘Happy Halloween’ to win 500 loyalty points.

8pm – 10pm Trick or Treat

CM Blondie will allocate numbersfor Trick or Treat before the games play, and regulars should have theirs by email. The last number called in each game is the trick or treat number and each winning player will have to choose between the two Chat Hosts to get either a ‘trick’ or ‘treat’ prize. The prizes are a surprise but there will be 20 tangible prizes given away, plus a selection of loyalty points too!

10pm – 11pm Apple Bobbing

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a bit of Apple bobbing, so choose two B numbers and an O number to spell BOB. When all three are out, type BOB into chat and if you’re the first to do so you’ll win 500 loyalty points!

Who said Halloween was just for kids? Head into the Tidy BINGO Cupboard for this very grown up Halloween party and see what you could win!