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Help for Heroes

The world is a dangerous place, as the news reminds us nearly every day. In these troubling times, it’s important to show our gratitude to and support for the people who help keep us safe, our armed forces personnel.

Help for Heroes has become one of our most visible and popular charities, giving priceless support to those who have made sacrifices for us. You can support this fantastic cause and enjoy a cracking bingo game with a £50 prize pot at Tidy Bingo. 

Tidy Bingo Donation

Tidy and the Troops was born as special effort to support a bingo game played on the front line in Afghanistan. It might sound odd, but bingo has a long history in the British Army, prized for its simplicity and ability to build personal bonds.

Tidy and the Troops is always the first game played in the Tidy Cupboard, an exclusive room that opens every Tuesday night from 7pm to 10pm. There’s a £50 prize pot in the game: £25 for the full-house, £10 for the one-line winner, and £15 for two lines. There’s also a prize draw for a Help for Heroes hoody or t-shirt that’s open to all players who buy the 25p tickets.

Tidy and their players now have a successful ongoing relationship with Help for Heroes. Just before Christmas 2015, the site made its fourth donation of over £600, bringing the total raised to £2,238.75.

There’s no need to make a donation. Tidy make no profit on the game, all ticket sales fund either the prize fund or the donation, a really fair deal for players and the charity alike.

The Tidy Cupboard is at the heart of this friendly site, which really is a community of players. You’ll probably meet site co-owner Nickie in the Cupboard and suggestions are welcomed and listened to. You can also bank chat game prizes won there in a unique Christmas savings club, and the room has its own progressive jackpot.

Sign up at Tidy Bingo today, collecting a minimum 200% bonus on first deposits over £10 as part of your welcome package, and get on parade for the next session of Tidy and the Troops.