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Since when did bingo become sexy?

You do not need to rewind too far back in time to realise that bingo was often frowned upon as an old ladies pass time and sneered at for being played in a cold and poorly lit room.

Bingo has taken on a facelift and revitalised itself with a fresh image that is attracting women, and men, of all ages to play and play for potentially big prizes.

Part of this surge in popularity, as is often the case, is down to TV bingo adverts that have enabled the public to view an all singing and dancing new style of game to the UK public.

Bingo and the Celebrity

Bingos increase in popularity is clear to see and this has, in part, a lot to do with online bingo and the bingo sites and brands that are associated with game. Online bingo has grown massively over the last few years in the UK. This has led companies to invest a lot of their marketing budget in promoting their wesbites and branding on TV. With TV advertising comes celebrity endorsement and bingo hasn't been left behind in this...

Mel B, of Spice Girls fame, has been involved in the TV adverts promoting Costa Bingo. Whether she actually plays the game is debatable but it's clear with the celebrities coming out that the market is there. Another famous face is Barbara Windsor, famous for Carry On films and Eastenders, amongst other things, advertising Jackpot Joy. You only have to look at other products / brands in the UK market, and across the world, to acknowledge that as soon as celebrities come out to play in advertising that the market has hit high levels.

What is next for bingo? Bingo halls have been revamped - numbers are up. Bingo websites are everywhere and more and more people are playing them. The latest technology is now allowing users to play bingo on their mobile phones and on tablets - so people can play bingo while on the move. What's next is harder to picture but one thing is for sure, bingo, online bingo especially, is riding a crest of a wave right now and you will find it very difficult to avoid it's advertising powers that exist.