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Gala Bingo offers Mobile and Tablet Promotion

Bingo Lotto - where Bingo and Lottery combine!

Gala Bingo has launched an exciting new game! By combining both Lottery and Bingo together they have possibly come up with a genius creation that should be loved by many! Gala Bingo will be running adverts on national television across the UK until 22nd June 2015 - so when you see it you'll know what it's all about!

With Bingo and Lottery combining it's no wonder they have called it Bingo Lotto - if they would have called it anything else I think we would all have been massively disappointed!

This new game is available EXCLUSIVELY on mobile and tablet devices only so head over to our home page and click on play now to start playing today!

Mobile Bingo - Gala Bingo create exclusive!

With Bingo Lotto only being available on mobile and tablet they have created a perfect game for people to play on the move - or in the comfort of your arm chair! Gala Bingo have created this 49 ball room (replicating the UK national lottery just a little bit). This is going to prove to be a really popular new game and one that we are very excited about.

From the 22nd May to 22nd June 2015 there will be a total prize pool of £200,000 to share. Every game will have 4 winners... every day there will be 1,360 winners! Over the period of this online bingo promotion there will be over 40,000 winners! This is a HUGE number and one that everyone should be very excited about. Not only are these numbers really impressive but it's also worth noting something else... a Progressive Jackpot!

This new room offers a fantastic Progressive Jackpot starting at £25,000 and is for players who match 6 balls in 6 calls. This really is Bingo meets Lottery! The layout of this game is also very impressive - lottery themed balls and ticket sheet graphics ensure a really great atmosphere for all players - this really is a game where Bingo and Lottery collide! And what a collision it is!