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Bingo Lotto from Tidy Bingo

Tidy Bingo Lotto

Tidy Bingo Lotto 

Tidy Bingo may be just one of the many sites that go to make up the ever expanding 15 Network, but that does not mean they are the same as all the rest. The sites owners David and Nickie work long and hard behind the scenes to make sure their brand stands out from the crowd. They do this by putting the wants and needs of their roomies first, and thanks to a wide range of exclusives, they are doing a fantastic job of it too! Their player's get to benefit from all kinds of extra goodies, one of which is their very own Tidy Lotto.

Tidy Bingo's Free Lotto

Tidy Bingo's Free Lotto

The 15 Network once had their own lotto based promotion, but they ended that a long time ago. Tidy Bingo did not want their player's to miss out though, so came up with their own version, and as long as you have deposited at least £20 during the previous calendar month, you'll automatically qualify. To take part, all you need to do is email them with your six chosen numbers before midnight on the first day of the month. If this happens to fall on a Wednesday though, you must make sure that your numbers are sent in before 7:30pm or they won't be entered until the next weeks draw.

Match To Win At Tidy Bingo

Unlike the normal National Lottery draws, only the Midweek draw is relevant for the purpose of this promotion, and you only need to concern yourself with the main six numbers as the bonus ball is not included. Whilst they don't have the budget to fund a millionaire lifestyle, you will win prizes for matching three, four, five or six balls, and they are even letting you choose between cash or bonus money. The prizes you can win are:

£10 bonus money or £5 cash for matching 3 balls

£20 bonus money or £10 cash for matching 4 balls

£30 bonus money or £15 cash for matching 5 balls

£50 bonus money or £55 cash for matching 6 balls

Tidy Bingo will keep your numbers on file for the whole of the calendar month and will automatically email you if you win any prizes.