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Stories 21 June 16

Play Bingo Online and Ignore the Football!

It’s almost time for the start of Euro 2016 and while some of you are jumping for joy for this world famous footballing event to begin, others may be feeling a lot less enthusiastic about it, especially if they become invisible to other members of the family whilst thos...
signup offers 18 May 16

Bingo Lotto from Tidy Bingo

Tidy Bingo Lotto Tidy Bingo may be just one of the many sites that go to make up the ever expanding 15 Network, but that does not mean they are the same as al...
new offers 04 April 16

Show Your Support for our Services at Tidy Bingo

The world is a dangerous place, as the news reminds us nearly every day. In these troubling times, it’s important to show our gratitude to and support for the people who help keep us safe, our armed forces personnel. Help for Heroes has become ...
Stories 11 November 15

Can Electronic Bingo Take Over?

We're used to seeing the traditional style bingo ball machines in bingo halls. The white gloved caller carefully taking balls from the whirrling device and calling out the numbers, sometimes with the familiar associated call outs. But what about these new fangled electronic bingo machines, whi...
new offers 10 September 15

Celebrate Your Birthday With Tidy Bingo

Tidy Bingo is aiming to make your birthday just that little bit more special by entering you into their Birthday Bash promotion which is only open to Tidy Bingo players and not to everyone...
bingo guides 30 July 15

Online Bingo TV Adverts

You do not need to rewind too far back in time to realise that bingo was often frowned upon as an old ladies pass time and sneered at for being played in a cold and poorly lit room. Bingo has taken on a facelift and revitalised itself with a fresh image that is attracting women, and men, of all ...
new offers 03 June 15

Gala Bingo offers Mobile and Tablet Promotion

Gala Bingo has launched an exciting new game! By combining both Lottery and Bingo together they have possibly come up with a genius creation that should be loved by many! Gala Bingo will be running adverts on national television across the UK until 22nd June 2015...

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