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Mecca Bingo's History

Early Days

Mecca Bingo is a familiar name on the UK shores, with Eric Morely bringing the concept back from across the pond in the early 60s, after it was established in America by Edwin S. Lowe throughout the United States.

Morely had been synonymous with the Miss. World show and realised that, with the UK's relaxed gambling laws, and dire need for entertainment since the arrival of television, it would be the perfect market to lap up this exciting game of chance and speed. The UK welcomed it with open arms and it quickly became the main way to get communities socialising again, rather than being stuck to their new fangled electronic boxes.

The brand name Morely attributed to this new arrival was Mecca and it grabbed the bingo craze by it's bull horns and spread it throughout the land, with further copy cat halls soon opening up afterwards.

Even with the copy cats opening up on every other corner, Mecca had established itself as the original and best in the land. Even the bingo callers themselves became minor celebrities, often with their own eccentric styles and prhases. Even to this day there is a competition for the "Best Mecca Bingo Caller" in the country, each year. Funnily enough, most of the larger halls don't actually use the old bingo expressions now (although this is depedant on the personality of the caller), but they're still a huge draw in seaside and holiday bingo halls, and even working mens clubs.

1980s and Beyond

During the crazy period of electronica music and new computers, that was the 80s, Mecca saw the need for a revamp, and new, purpose built bingo calls popped up around the country, very much like the ones we see dotted around cities today.

You may think that from this point on the actual bingo halls started to go into decline, but that couldn't be further from the truth. During the last decade, more people went to these famous bingo halls than went to football matches!

More recently, bingo has become an online sensation, with online bingo now being an integral part of the culture. Mecca is now an operator in both the online and the real life bingo worlds, with different things on offer for each type.

If you goto a Mecca bingo hall today, you'll find differnt days have different offers and different types of bingo to play. Even with meal and drink deals thrown into the equation. If you fancy a dablle online, then there are games galore from Three Little Ducks, Lucky for Some, Turbo 90 and a range of 75 ball bingo games. Simply click though and choose which ever one feels like your lucky game!


Mecca also have some great online bingo offers on. There's a sign up bonus to spend £10 and play with £50, effectively multiplying your inital outlay by 5. They also have a selection of beginner rooms to get you started, and their bright and colourful site is sure to retain your interest.

Withdrawing and depositing couldn't be easier with a variety of methods.

So why not head on over today, and test your bingo luck. As well as your best BINGO calling voice!

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