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How To Play 90 Ball Bingo

The Game in General

In 90 ball bingo you buy a card or a strip (or many strips) with numbers on. These are arranged into rows and columns like you'll see in the picture on the right.

As you can see the numbers are divided into columns from left to right with smallest numbers on the left and highest on the left. So the first column has numbers 1-9 and the second has 10-19 and so on to the last column 81-90.

Once the game starts the bingo caller (or random number generator in computerised bingo) will call out numbers, the basic idea of the game is for you to get your numbers before any other player which is how you win.

Ways of Winning

The game itself is usually divided in to 3 games, so you have 3 chances to win a prize, each prize getting progressively bigger.

1 line - 5 numbers on the top, middle or bottom rows
2 lines - 5 numbers on any two of the three rows
Full House - Completely filling your card.

Same bingo sites and games have extra bonuses for getting the full house in a certain number of balls/call or finishing on a certain number.

Most sites will allow you to buy a varying amount of tickets/strips. This is purely your choice and up to you. Buying more tickets gives you a mathematically improved chance of winning the prize but of course you are risking more money to do so.