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How To Play 80 Ball Bingo

General Rules

80 Ball Bingo usually played on a only a few cards (1-4) since it was originally played on table tops and in seaside towns (for prizes rather than money).

The card contains 16 numbers divided into 4 columns. The left column is for number 1-20, the yellow is for 21-40, the blue column is for 41-60 and finally the white column is for numbers 61-80.

The caller (a real person or computer generated numbers) will call out numbers 1-80 until someone gets the numbers on their card.

As with all forms of bingo the idea is to get your numbers quicker then the other players to win.

Ways To Win

There are many variations of 80 ball so please make sure you check what you are playing for before you spend any money.

Sometimes you need a line (4 numbers) then a full house (all 16) but even the definition of a line can be different. Some games say a line means 4 numbers in a row (horizontally) but some can mean horizontally, vertically, diagonally or even the corners or center squares.

80 ball bingo games tends to be a lot quicker than 90 ball so be careful how much you spend.