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Stories 26 November 15

Vintage Bingo Games

With Bingo such a massive worldwide game, it would be crazy to not conceive there would be home and arcade versions of our favourite number game. Going way back to the 50's, there have been board games, pinball type games, card games and even video games during the 80's ...
Stories 22 November 15

Are Women More Likely to Play Mobile Bingo?

It's a question that has plagued the greatest minds for many a year. Not just whether women are more likely to play Online or Mobile Bingo, but who is more likely to play mobile bingo. This need isn't just driven by marketing either. It's not the bingo operators loo...
bingo guides 16 November 15

Is Keno Bingo?

Fancy a change from bingo? Why not give Keno a go? Many people, even cultures think of the game Keno as being the same as Bingo. Many just think that it's a different name for a popular game....
bingo guides 03 November 15

How to Play 80 Ball Bingo

80 Ball bingo is a variation on the popular 75 American bingo incarnation (arguably where it all started on a commercial basis) and is technically a hybrid between the rules of 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo. The game itself takes place on a 4x4 bingo card grid with the...
Stories 26 October 15

Eyes down – The story of Bingo

Back in 2013 BBC Four ran a documentary on the story of bingo, telling a story of affection and fun which has been with us since the 60s. The documentary itself (there should be many more if you ask us) was a pretty thorough affair, wallowing in a barrage of archive footage showing post war Brita...
bingo guides 26 October 15

Bingo Patterns Refresher

Bingo is about circling off/checking off/rubbing out (however you want to do it), the numbers on your slip, in line with what the bingo caller shouts out, right? Then once you've got rid of all your numbers then you can stand up and shout “HOUSE”, so loud and proud that people would t...
bingo guides 25 October 15

An Overview of Balls (Bingo Balls)

Do you remember watching the national lottery machine fire up in the 90s? A time when Mystic Meg graced our screens and millions of us were glued to the television on a Saturday night (it was on...
Stories 30 September 15

Mecca Bingo's History

Mecca Bingo is a familiar name on the UK shores, with Eric Morely bringing the concept back from across the po...

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